“Why Does It Have To Be Me?”

Today my sweet little five- and- a –half -year old looked up at me through a tear-stained face and wailed, “Why does it always have to be me?  Why can’t it ever be big sister?”

Poor little thing; she has so far fractured a finger, nearly garnered a concussion yesterday falling off a swing, cut open two other fingers in a bicycle accident, and knocked the bonding off her front tooth this afternoon.  Needless to say, it has been a rough week for her!

How many times have we said this sort of sentiment in our lives, in our own parenting, in our own homeschooling?  That wrestling with God when we ask burdens to be lifted, burdens that we know we don’t feel confident enough to rise up to face.  “Why me?  I don’t want this path.  I don’t want this journey.  Please just take it away from me, and give it to someone else.”

You all know this scenario of parenting:

We are gliding, and then we trip.

We are rising and succeeding and then we fail.  Perhaps we fail miserably.

We so often forget that the gift of parenting and of homeschooling is in the striving.  There is no perfection, just the journey.  I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

Isn’t that so true?

How are you going to grow today as a parent, as a wife or partner, as a neighbor, as a friend?

How are you going to set the tone in your home to include peacefulness, reverence, awe?  How are you going to handle your children and meet them not only where they are but uplift them to the next level?  How are you going to love your spouse, your children and most of all, yourself?

What is your plan for parenting?  Do you have a Family Mission Statement?  It is that time of year to review, renew, strengthen our inner reserves as we head into this time of Michaelmas.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.

That question of “Why Me” really can become one of your favorite questions if you can focus on the striving and the progress.  “Why Me?”  can become “Of course it is you, my Beloved. Who else would it be?  Who else has these lessons to learn and this journey to make?”

Love your children and live big today,



3 thoughts on ““Why Does It Have To Be Me?”

  1. Carrie,
    You have no idea how much your posts have helped me lately. We are new to waldorf , with three wonderful babies under the age of seven! I have been suscribed to your bolg for a few months now, but it seems everytime I have been really struggling to grow this week up pops a new post in my inbox and it has been something I really needed to hear at that moment every time. I wanted to let you know that you are a true blessing, thank you.
    Much love

  2. “Why Me?” What a beautiful,humbling and soul searching question that is! It can be both so profound,and yet so simple. this is such a human, child like question that comes from the very depths of our spirit. I absolutely LOVE the end result of this question….the acceptance, the warmth of soul and the even deeper pleading that it changes into..”Please grant me the strength”. What lessons our children absorb from their loving families when they see and feel these questions being asked, and the answers “lived” through. I feel it is SO important for our wee ones to live the truth….that there is no fair, that it is certainly allright that there is no fair, and life is much sweeter when we can go beyond looking for it! Life hand picks each of our burdens, it is not our lot to escape them, or lift them from each other…only to help each person in our circle of love to carry it together as best we can! I KNOW this to be true…..we have sever sicknesses to deal with, mental illness, autism, cancer and heart surgeries in our home…learning disabilities, and even failing businesses! BUt we also have daily miracles, love and goodness that adorn our days! I am so greatful for all these beautiful blogs where we can connect and gain strength from each other…thank you and keep it coming!

  3. Carrie,
    An inspiring post that rings true. I, too, love this time of year and we have just begun to think about our Michaelmas preparations. I am happy to consider this question and its relevancy as we summon the courage to overcome those parts of our selves that need to be restrained.
    Once again, thank you for your work.

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