Christening Gowns

Does anyone out there make these or know someone who makes them?  Do you have a favorite place to get a christening gown or christening outfit for your little boy?

Our son is going to be baptized  in June in St. Croix… very hot and humid.  Grandpa is excited to be performing the ceremony  (he is an Episcopalian priest) at the 250- year old- church where great-grandpa and other family members were baptized…

Any suggestions for this very special occasion?



7 thoughts on “Christening Gowns

  1. A quick check shows that there are some very sweet ones on Etsy. I’d bet you could order one custom from one of the great Mamas there.

    I’d suggest recycling something meaningful to you…your wedding dress? Your Mum’s or MIL’s? Or if that’s not feasable, maybe have a bonnet made from Gradndpa’s hankie or something and order a gown to match?

    My littlest was Christened at the Great Vigil this Easter (we’re also Episcopalian). The gown we use is one made for my grandfather and was worn by my mother and her sisters, my cousin, my brother and me, and by all three of my boys. It is so wonderful to have an heirloom like that, so you might want to think long-term.

    Ours is also very light…was made in Burma where Grandpa was born and Christened. It has a light cotton sleeveless under-dress. The gown is a thin ivory silk smocked dress with short puffed sleeves. There are a few simple tucks and bands of lace insterts in the long skirt. It’s actually so thin that I’m pleased that it’s holding up so well. I can recommend fine silk if you’re looking for that kind of advice.

    I don’t know if you are set on a long gown, but I can tell you that this baby was my only one baptised on a hot day and the gown got pretty scrunched and kicked about with baby’s hot sticky feet on the inside and Godparents’ hot sticky arms on the outside (I was sweltering up front in a polyester choir robe…phew!).

    Many congratulations on your son’s upcoming Christening. It’s such a wonderful service, and there’s such a pleasure in planning your childrens’ rites of passage, isn’t there? Enjoy!

  2. My sister’s in-law tradition was to have the God Mother hold the baby as baptized. “Birthing” the baby into new life in Christ. I liked the symbolism and have done that for both my girls.

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