Thank You To My Referrers!

Thank you to my top 5 referrers for the past 7 days:

Thank you also to my top referrers for the past 30 days:

And thank you to those of you who are my top referrers of ALL TIME, since this blog started in October of 2008:


In addition to checking out the above blogs, I  also would LOVE to take this chance to point out a few blogs I also love to follow, and hope you will like them as well!!


Thank you to all of you who link to me, or who think something I write is thought-provoking enough to write a comment on, or pass on to your friends.  It is humbling, and always makes me want to strive to write more.

Many thanks, much gratitude, and many blessings to you all!



7 thoughts on “Thank You To My Referrers!

  1. If only you had a way to track emailed links, I’m sure I’d be your top referrer of all time 😉

    I know I don’t say so often enough, Carrie, but thank you for what you put into the world! It does make a difference to so many.

    xox K

    • Kyrie,
      You are so sweet and kind. Thank you for your wonderful words…And, if it is any happy consolation, your blog came in at number 14 and 16 of all time referrers (the old host and the new one!) 🙂 So, you have the distinction of being twice in the top 20, LOL!

  2. Yes, your on my fb page and I mention you to every mama I meet. On my recommended list for my yoga students too. But what I’m really excited about is the chance to check out all these sites I’ve never been to. I’m gonna have to get up extra early all week!

  3. Wow! What an honor to be included in such a great list of fabulous blogs!

    Thank YOU Carrie for all the time and love you put into this site. You really have a wonderful resource for parents here and I’m so, so happy to send readers your way 🙂

    Best wishes!

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