The Adult Will And How To Develop It


The development of will for personal issues, such as being able to go to bed, get up on time, stick to a flow of the day, to me, can be much further addressed in several areas:

1.  Use of forty days to establish a new habit.  Not just twenty-one days, but forty.  To work on one thing at a time!

2.   The will is an outward gesture of DOING.  I think it was Zig Ziglar who said, “Do it, and you will be motivated to do it.”  Sometimes we think too hard, plan too much, and we just need to do it. 

3.  I think handwork is a perfect place to develop your will.  Anytime you “eyeball” something and work with doing, you are developing those faculties of will.

4.  Try it, and if you fail, try again! The key is in the striving!  Pick a friend or have your spouse help you be accountable!

Many blessings to you on this new day, this new moment! 


10 thoughts on “The Adult Will And How To Develop It

  1. Great questions Carrie. Rudolf Steiner gave some essential exercises to develop and strengthen the will, as well as for feeling, thinking, tolerance, open mindedness and inner balance.

    Here are some links to more information on those:'s_exercises_for_spiritual_development

    Click to access hbessay.pdf

    the exercises are at the end of the essay


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  7. I just found Melisa’s 108 Days (pardon forgot the accurate name of the website). I am looking forward to delving into it. Wondering if you have done a review of this yet, will have to check! Thanks for all you do!

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