Looking For Waldorf Blogs

Hi all!  I am looking for first through fourth grade Waldorf Blogs.  If you are having an adventure through one of those grades and posting activities of what you are working on, please leave your blog in the comment box below so others may find you!

Thank you!

Many blessings,



16 thoughts on “Looking For Waldorf Blogs

  1. Hi Carrie, we are documenting our Grade 1 year to share!


    Are we invited to post links to other grades blogs that we like? I have two in particular that have lessons that I find quite inspiring 😀

    Thanks for this posting. I’m so inspired by other homeschooling blogs that share their lesson plans and finds. I am hoping to glimpse some Grade 2’s to prepare for next year!

    Blessings & light,

    • sure, you can post what you like…I don’t know of ANY grade two blogs, so hopefully someone out there can help us out!
      Glad you posted yours…:)

  2. Great! Many people know about Jenn’s Grade 3 blog, but for those who don’t, they really should see it. It’s absolutely outstanding!


    And this is a wonderful waldorf inspired blog, as well. This momma has some of her lesson and book recs for Grades 1 – 5 (see the right hand side of her blog)! Her blog is beautiful and so well organized…


    Another source of helpful recommendations is from Meredith’s blog. As a waldorf teacher, she is bringing the waldorf classroom and the waldorf homeschooling worlds together. She has a by-grade listing links on her blog…


    Can’t wait to see who else shares their finds and blogs 😀

  3. Hi Carrie,
    I have a 1st grader and 3rd/4th (we are doing a split year) grader this year. I have tried to blog about most of our lessons and include resources and MLBs and chalkboard drawings when I have them. I blog about the rest of the family and our “mini farm” to, though, it’s not just the Waldorf homeschooling.

  4. Hey Carrie – we aren’t within this criteria, but I just wanted to let you know that a few of us around the blogging community have been passing to you the ‘beautiful blogger award’! We of course know how busy you are with writing the amazing posts that you do, that inspire us all so greatly and with your own offline life of being a mumma, homemaker and all the other hats you wear as well (I am constantly amazed at what you manage to fit into your life!) so I don’t expect you to be posting on your blog to ‘pass it on’, but just wanted to let you know you have been recognised (within the cyber space world!) for all the beauty that your blog contains. love love love to all xxx (http://www.wherewildstrawberriesgrow.com/uncategorized/beautiful-blogs/)

  5. We’re in grade two right now (but not 100% Waldorf) …

    Maybe that helps a little?

    Looking forward to seeing what resources you compile.

    Best Wishes!

  6. So excited to follow many of your blogs. I teach 1st grade in a public school. (Have been for about 12 years.) Now I have my own little girl- 2 already!- and am trying to figure out a way to stay home full time with her and focus on Waldorf.

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