Peaceful Homeschooling: Needed Resources For Waldorf Grade One

Here is my list for first grade:

  • If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, you will need a curriculum!  The one I most frequently recommend is Christopherus (Donna Simmons).    If you buy Donna’s curriculum, you will need a form drawing resource, and the other resources she recommends for that grade. 
  • I suggest you familiarize yourself  with the FILES section over at Waldorf Home Educators ( many FREE blocks are there!) created by Marsha Johnson for First Grade in the FILES section at
  • See the website  for movement blocks to bring into your homeschool
  • THe Christopherus curriculum includes the  stories  for Main Lessons, but you may want some extra tales to have on hand to tell during knitting, gardening, cooking or what have you.  I like the Pantheon Edition of The Grimm Fairy Tales, the book “Hear the Voice of The Griot!” for African tales, and you could also use Slovak tales, Norwegian tales, and any others that suit you!  Use your local library for collections.
  • “Learning About The World Through Modeling” by Arthur Auer  would be important to have to understand the juxtaposition of wet-on-wet watercolor painting and modeling in the curriculum.
  • A flute/recorder/pennywhistle and music to teach your child.  I know Jodie Mesler is hard at work on a curriculum for this year that one could use with a flute or pennywhisstle or recorder – check it out
  • Collections of poems and versese for the day, season, holiday –  I recommend Eric Fairman’s Path of Discovery Grade One if you can get it used, and again, use your library.  Some folks really like the seasonal Wynstones books, but I think to use those books fully, you really need to know how to read music.  Also, check out Candey Verney’s “The Singing Day” and “The Singing Year”
  • General craft supplies for festival crafting.  I also still think many of the projects in “Earthways” could still be used.
  • Bean bags/silks
  • Chalkboard and lap slates
  • Watercolor paper/ Watercolor paint / block  and stick crayons/paper/Beeswax  modeling material
  • Yarn and knitting materials, a needle for yarn to sew up projects 
  • Puppets/story telling props
  • Nature table and all of Mother Nature’s Goodies
  • Math manipulatives (sand tray, stones, acorns, jewels,…)  I also would recommend Jamie York’s “Making Math Meanoingful” for Grades One Through Five
  • Main lesson books unless you are planning to make your own!
  • A jump rope and jump rope rhymes; a basketball

I feel as if I am missing something!  Please add your suggestions in the comment box below!



14 thoughts on “Peaceful Homeschooling: Needed Resources For Waldorf Grade One

  1. thanks for the resources! I’ve found the hardest part of putting this all together is finding a poem to go with this or a rhyme for that. I would like to know where to find “jump rope rhymes”.

  2. What a great blog! It’s wonderful to have access to ideas that start to answer some of my questions on the ‘how to’ for developing my homeschool curriculum. I was wondering about the Flower Garden resources and feel more confident to check them out with your positive comments. I’ll also check out Making your mathe meaningful’…Added this to my favouristes so I’ll see you soon 🙂

    • You may want to check out Donna Simmons blog, I am positive she has a post on there “In Defense of Oak Meadow” — That being said, it doesn’t have that anthroposophically based approach to child development, nor does it have the depth of true Waldorf. I personally find it a bit dry, but that is just my personal opinion. Some mothers have told me they have especially liked the math stories in the first grade syllabus. I think we need to be careful with the Early Years of it though, it starts academics earlier than Waldorf and also I believe uses Peter Rabbit and other tales instead of those archetypcal images found in fairy tales.
      However, many mothers start there or with Enki and then come to truer Waldorf later, and I have great respect for whatever mothers find work for them where they are. This is a journey, and first and foremost besides what we use or don’t use, is the fact that homeschooling is about family.
      That is why I try to give choices. I know Donna and Melissa personally, so I feel comfortable that mothers can investigate there and find which voice speaks to them. Live Ed! is another option that works for many families. And don’t forget Marsha Johnson’s free files! Some families do choose to go with Enki or Oak Meadow, but for me personally, it has to have that anthroposophical understanding of the child….
      You will find what works for you, or you can be like me and create your own!!

      Many blessings,

  3. A couple of months ago you had a post which included a list of recommended read alouds. I loved the list but now I can’t seem to find it. How could I access that again?
    Thank you also for this post. I’m starting to gather materials for first grade and this was very helpful.

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