A Few Frequently Asked Questions About This Blog

Q.  Who are you?

A. Uh, check out the “About” page.  That’s me in a nutshell!

Q:  What is your viewpoint?  Where are you coming from on this blog?

A:  I use a viewpoint of development across the human arc,  attachment parenting principles, and a  medical/traditional developmental background from being a neonatal/physical therapist and  IBCLC.

Q:  Do you have a religious orientation?

A:  I am Christian.  There are a few posts on this blog regarding religious education/resources, but I try to write most posts with everyone in mind.

Q:  Why are there no pictures on your blog? How come you don’t write more about your family or yourself?

A.  There are lots of beautiful blogs out there with gorgeous pictures!  I love, love those too!!  However, sometimes when mothers are feeling really down and they look at those blogs, it sometimes seems to cause mothers to feel worse about themselves or to  cause the “why- aren’t- I- doing –more”  kinds of feelings.   I want this space to be informative,  uplifting and inspiring for all families, but not really a place to compare…..This blog is about creating your own parenting, your own family culture, your own homeschool. 

Q:  How come I get sucked into your blog for hours on end?

A:  I write a lot. 🙂

Q:  How do you decide what to write about?

A: Usually two or three people will ask/talk about/email me the same topic within a day or two.  I figure that is a sign!  🙂

Many blessings,



9 thoughts on “A Few Frequently Asked Questions About This Blog

  1. I have to admit, that after viewing some of the more popular mama blogs out there with gorgeous pictures… I did feel bad about myself. I thought, I would never compare to being the mother I saw via the blog world. It pained me to see the beauty and calm portrayed in those photos.

    I have since moved on and found a way to make peace with this idea and feel no threats with pictures any longer. But it did hit me a while ago when I was down and out.

    Interesting that you mentioned this here.

  2. I echo MystikMomma. While I love and am inspired by all the lovely photos and the sense of calm amidst the often stormy life of home with little ones, I so often feel like I can never live up and who are these women anyway…I am not sure I have made my peace with it all, I just take breaks now from all the looking and comparing. Carrie, how perceptive that you noticed this and are intentionally creating a space here for moms and families to just learn and grow wherever we each are in the spectrum. Cheers to you!

  3. i know – it is sneaking up on me. I love your thoughts on festivals, Carrie – so simple & meaningful.
    Thanks so much for your blog – I truly appreciate this resource.
    I do think we readers are due a cute baby shot every now & then ; )

  4. I, too frequently, am up way past my bedtime browsing through photos and stories. It’s inspiring for sure…. but it is getting to be too much and there is jealousy for sure.

    Lately I’ve realized that I could probably photograph a MOMENT or two from my day, post online and inadvertently give a more-magical impression than is true. I know these blogging super-mamas have many rough moments too but they are still cranking out so much crafting, loveliness, rhythm and peace than I can fathom.

    Again, it’s inspiring and is helping me in many ways… but taming the jealousy is a challenge.

    I love this blog – and, now that you point it out, do appreciate the lack of photos.

  5. was just about to quote you from your bit on photos/comparisons, in a comment on someone’s blog, but wanted to make sure that was ok?

    that is a wonderful statement!

  6. hahaha…I always feel so envious of Waldorf Mama..Especially on my more trying days with my 2.9er. maya is so happy and calm in every picture…then I remember that shelley probably wouldn’t photograph and post the meltdown pictures LOL

    I’m thankful, though, for your posts Carrie. I’ve learned so much, and they have made such a difference with my daughter and me. Toddlerhood is just riding the wave! and once you accept that, you work from a place of peace instead of frusturation — my husband isn’t quite there yet LOL…

    it’s like a 12 step program…accept the things you cannot change (like toddler meltdowns) — and the wisdom to know the difference etc…move on, use humor, sing the “the answer’s no, no, no, no, no — when they want their 5th juice box of the morning (and the diapers have already been NO FUN)

    (note to self, no more juice boxes on vacation LOL)

    ah…what a journey we have chosen LOL

  7. Something else about the photos and stories. They are distracting. I’ll hop on to look for ideas for something specific I already had in mind and end up running off in some other direction to incorporate all that I find. Now, I look at one specific blog when I am looking for ideas. Someone who I feel aligned with– and only check the others when I am looking for general info. So glad to hear all of you also wondering where others find the time. I often feel guilty for working and not have more planning time.

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