Blog Round-Up

Lovey has a new site with some interesting things on it….See here:

Nice to have you back, Lovey! 

Here are two mothers that recently implemented some things I have written about with success; thought you all might like a peek:

and here:

Eileen has a very heartfelt post here about Waldorf Afterschooling, and the agony that often goes into a decision about whether to send our children to school or to homeschool:

There is always something beautiful over at Are So Happy:   and here at Uncommon Grace:  and here at That Artist Woman:  and over here at Catherine’s:

I also like Melisa Nielsen’s blog here:   and Annette’s blog here:   and  glimpsing into the lives of the Tan family:

I try not to  stop to look at other people’s blogs daily, because that is too much time on the computer for me and I get sucked into Rabbit Trails (and Rabbit Holes that I can’t get out of!)  I really only have enough time to sweep through email and write a bit, but I really do appreciate all the beautiful and informative things people put on their blogs and I appreciate all of you who make this blog one of your few daily stops as you get on with living and doing!

Many blessings and In Much Gratitude,


4 thoughts on “Blog Round-Up

  1. Hi Carrie,
    “Rabbit holes” is the perfect description! I feel much the same… I love to look at the blogs but really don’t visit them very often. Blog overload can be a big problem for me! There are so many wonderful blogs full of beautiful and creative ideas. When I start looking I get sucked in and can become quite overwhelmed. The computer is such a great resource and can be quite a problem too. You see all these great ideas and you have idea overload! Sometimes I have the feeling that if I don’t check out the whole blog (or every blog mentioned) I might *miss something*! I am guessing I am not the only one!
    Yours is the one blog I read daily, and I feel like it always offers something helpful. But having just read a bunch of blogs yesteday and today I going on a computer fast for the week. I feel like the antidote is lots of time to play with my children, have time for meditation and prayer, and just running around in the fresh air.

  2. Dear Carrie, I have a 2 year old son and I am deeply inspired and nourished by steiner-wardorf education. I have recently found your site and love it! Thanks so much. I would like to share with your readers an amazing opportunity – this July Jon Young and some of his core team are coming over to the UK from US to run a residential course for parents and teachers in the Art of Mentoring. This is hard to summarise here and more info can be found on the webiste . I have found Jon Youngs work with children and with adults to enhance their workings with children profoundly inspiringTo put it crudely, it is perhaps like a Steiner-Wardorf approach but inspired by nature, connection with the natural world, indigenous cultures, ancient wisdom and the problems of modern civilized society.

    I have read much relating to Jon Young’s work and have enjoyed listening to many hours of his talks on audio CDs. I am so excited about this course and recommend that anyone, but especially home-eductors and wardorf teachers, would enjoy learning more from him.


  3. So glad to see Lovey back!

    Yours is definitely a blog I’ve read every post on, and continue to come back and re-read. You have so much good information here.

    Thank you for including me! 🙂

    xox K

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