Favorite Waldorf Resource #4: The Files of Marsha Johnson’s Yahoo Group

Marsha Johnson is a veteran  Waldorf teacher who has put together file after file after file of FREE lesson plans outlining the whole year for each grade, outlining specific day-by-day lessons for certain blocks, and she has whole files devoted to festival preparation and celebration and handwork ideas.

She has a deep anthroposophic understanding and offers so much wisdom and advice for free on her Yahoo!Group.

This is an especially wonderful place to start your Waldorf homeschooling journey as Mrs. Johnson has files specifically devoted to how to start with Waldorf if you are new.  There are also many topics of interest just for parenting in general and discipline from a Waldorf perspective.

I encourage you to utilize this free resource!  To join, please see this link:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorfhomeeducators/

Many blessings,


3 thoughts on “Favorite Waldorf Resource #4: The Files of Marsha Johnson’s Yahoo Group

  1. Dear Carrie,
    I’m discovering so many materials for Waldorf homeschoolers. Now I fully understand that a mom wouldn’t be alone as homeschoolers in the US. Here in Italy, not being in our culture and tradition, a mom choosing homeschooling and expecially Waldorf homeschooling could rely only on herself.

    Not blaming, cultures and countries are different but I’m a little envious about the chance american moms have in this case!


    • It seems as if I cyber-met (haha, is that a word?) someone else who was homeschooling with Waldorf in Italy….Any other Italian readers out there so Federica is not so alone?

  2. So true, Federica. There are so many resources here! Though many of them are online, so you’re not as alone as you might think.
    I just love Marsha’s resources and her email list is great! She’s so wise.

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