Waldorf 101: Do I Have To Be An Anthroposophist To Homeschool With Waldorf?

Do I think you have to be an anthroposophist in order  to work with Waldorf Education at home?  No.  Do I think you should read Steiner’s lectures regarding Waldorf Education?  Yes.  Do I think you must have a truly deeper understanding of Steiner’s ideas as far as anthroposophy  in order to be a really, really good Waldorf Home Educator?

Possibly.  And I say possibly because I think in the home environment one can choose how much or how little one wants to work with the some of Steiner’s views alongside our own faith for our own spiritual journey. 

Here is an old post regarding “What is Anthroposophy” that Donna Simmons of Christopherus Homeschool assisted me in writing:  https://theparentingpassageway.com/2009/09/04/what-is-anthroposophy/

The relationship between anthroposophy, religion, and Waldorf comes up as people are drawn to exploring the spiritual nature of the basis of  Waldorf Education.  One of the major questions is this dual- sided coin of:  1.  Is Waldorf Education Christian?  or 2.  Is Waldorf Education Pagan? (or the corollary questions of  is Waldorf Education compatible with Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism?)

And because others say it far better than I ever could, here is a great post by Donna Simmons regarding “Anthroposophy, Religion and Waldorf” here :   http://christopherushomeschool.typepad.com/blog/2005/12/anthroposophy_r.html

She has a small section regarding Judaism and anthroposophy that is interesting, and talks about how Christians and Pagans will find things here that resonate with them, and perhaps things that don’t! 

 Here is an article by Eugene Schwartz relating anthroposophy and The Kindergarten Years:  http://knol.google.com/k/anthroposophy-and-waldorf-education-the-kindergarten-years#

and Mr. Schwartz had this to say regarding anthroposophy in Waldorf Education and whether all Waldorf teachers needed to be anthroposophists as well:  http://www.southerncrossreview.org/41/schwartz.htm

 If one concentrates solely on the lectures by Rudolf Steiner as related to education, and there is a page of them here at Bob and Nancy’s bookshop:  http://www.waldorfbooks.com/edu/steiner_waldorf.htm (beginning works) and here (more in-depth works):  http://www.waldorfbooks.com/edu/waldorf_depth.htm, that is probably the best place to start.  You can then decide how this relates  to your use of Waldorf Education within your own home. 

This is a complex subject that deserves pondering.  Where are you in your journey with this?

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  1. This is a great post too! I think the one thing I wish to impart to parents trying to start with Waldorf is to really understand the 7 yr cycles and how they play out in the education – to really learn not to rush things and just let them unfold. It is very easy to get caught up and excited about the method and forget to evaluate as you go. Take the time, there is plenty of it.


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