Inner Work for The Holy Nights

What inner work have you done for The Holy Nights so far?  This is one thing I have been playing with, and perhaps you will find it of use.  This was inspired by Lynn Jericho’s meditation for The First Holy Night found here:  I am going to work with this meditation throughout the Holy Nights this year.

I was very inspired by the idea of drawing what my soul inhales – what have I taken into my soul this year?  I found I took in much joy, laughter. support and love from my friends, love from my children, intimacy and love and laughter from my spouse, warmth, the quiet and stillness of nature.  I made a very conscious effort this year to let go,  plan for things that bring me joy, plan things with friends and to be easy with myself.  Overall, this is one of most joyful years I have experienced in my life and in my 17 years of marriage.   But it would also be honest to draw the moments of extreme sadness and despair for a friend ‘s experiences, moments of feeling anger or feeling overwhelmed, and also to draw those “steely” moments of intense determination and preservation.  What did I breathe out to those around me?  What did I breathe out to my spouse, my husband, to my Beloved Creator?  What did I breathe out to my friends?  To strangers?  These things I will draw tonight.

And over the duration of these Holy Nights, I will be drawing what I want to take into my soul this year,and most of all. what I want to breathe out this year.  In the past two years, I really worked with being easy with myself (essentially, being “good enough”, not perfect! Can any of you relate to that at all?)  This year I added being able to “let go”.  One thing I am really meditating on is just being able to listen with “no comment.”  (Do you all remember the “No Comment” post here:    )

I will be drawing and then moving into wet-on-wet painting to express this.

So, what have you taken in this year?  What have you breathed out to those around you?  What do you want to take in more of this year, and how will you make this happen?  What will breathe out to those around you this year and how will you do this?  What will your inner work look like this year?  What will your parenting and your homeschooling look like this year?

If you feel inclined, please do share what work you are doing!

In Gratitude for You on this Special Day,


6 thoughts on “Inner Work for The Holy Nights

  1. This will be difficult work. It was a difficult year and I did not always find the good to breath in and I am saddened by much of what I breathed out. I lost track of the path…now I am back on. This year I will work on seeking out what is beautiful to me (like playing music and dancing) and share that with my family. I will see how that can warm and bring light to the anger, sadness, and difficulty so that it is honored but then transformed so that it breathes out as goodness. Thank for for these postings. It sounds trite, but they really have inspired me to radically change a lot of things for myself and my family. I am very grateful.

    • This is so beautiful and profound; to take these thinigs that are difficult and honor their rightful place in our personal biography and know that it is okay. You are going to have a wonderful new beginning this year!
      Many blessings,

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