A Frugal Window Star

This is a beautiful and frugal transparent window star!  Check it out!


I would never have thought to make a window star out of wax paper, would you? 




6 thoughts on “A Frugal Window Star

    • I would not have thought of that either! I love all youo frugal crafty folks! And Kyrie, thanks for linking to my bedtime post. Your site is just beautiful, I was looking around it the other day. I hope to eventually move over to squarespace as well…

  1. Great ideas!

    We made ours out of origami paper. It isn’t very transparent, but it is very vibrant! The origami paper doesn’t fade and while you don’t that typical window star look, they are still beautiful.

    We made 16 point ones and then taped them to the windows of the front of our house.


  2. My girls went on a windows star making binge last year and they all survived. I love the idea of trying regular wax paper. I think I’ll save the idea for a snowy January day.

  3. I learned this winter that you can make window stars and candle transparencies out of tracing paper colored lightly with crayons to get different colors. I’m excited to see what else my pad of tracing paper can do!

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