Using Main Lesson Dot Com

Some mothers have been asking me how I personally use

I use it to find seasonal stories to tell on  baking and gardening day, and I have also found several Saint stories on there I have used as well for my Second Grader.

Here is an example of what I used off of this site during November for my Second Grader and Kindergartener:

  • “Saint Martin” for my Second Grader on Martinmas
  • “The Story of the First Corn” on Gardening Day before Thanksgiving
  • “Saint Gerasimus and the Lion” for my Second Grader for a story during Handwork

In December, I will be using:

  • “How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree” for whilst cookies are baking
  • “A Christmas Legend” as a Gardening Story
  • “Mrs. Santa Claus” on Baking Day
  • A story about Holly and Saint Nicholas on Saint Nicholas Day
  • “Silvercap, King of the Frost Fairies” on Gardening Day

Hope that helps some of you see the potential use of this site,



6 thoughts on “Using Main Lesson Dot Com

  1. So how do you go about telling the story? Do you print them out and memorize them and then tell them during your baking or other activity?

    I have been good about learning lots of songs without needing the books in front of me, but I don’t really feel comfortable telling stories yet. Does it just take practice?


  2. That’s great, Carrie! Thanks for sharing, I never find anything on that site because I don’t know what to look for. If you can share the stories that you are using every month, it would be very useful to many of us, I am sure!

  3. Great link Carrie – thank you so much. We have had a busy few weeks and I haven’t been past your space here much, missed SO much! Busy reading and catching up, thank you so much for the great Advent inspiration. love to all xxx

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