Are You Moving Forward Or Just Treading Water?

Do you have family or friends where the same issues keep coming up over and over and over?  Someone who has health problems, for example, yet does nothing to help himself or herself get better?  Someone who constantly has issues with basic routines of household care but who cannot seem to pull it together despite talking, planning and help?  Someone who wants to change something and complains about said something but just cannot seem to change it?

What is holding them back?  What holds you back?  How can you move forward instead of just treading water?

1.  Get support!  I think this is the number one way to become accountable. For years I was involved in lifting weights, and it was always so much easier to go the gym at 6 AM if I knew someone was there waiting for me.  The same is true for developing habits!  Get support, get a partner, get accountable to someone besides yourself.

2.  Develop your own inner will power.  This is difficult, but sometimes the only way to do something is to just do it! Sometimes in parenting and in life we have to do things we don’t want to do. Don’t want to get up early? Put your feet on the floor and sit on the edge of the bed a minute.  Don’t want to knit?  Do ten stitches.  Work in those baby steps and if you fall get back up again.

3.  Stop using excuses. They only limit you!  Work toward solving the problem, not going around and around about why you can’t. Low on cash and need Waldorf curriculum?  Save 5 dollars each week from the grocery money, save spare change, ask for books for holiday gifts, sell something you own, scour the used Waldorf curriculum list, look on the Internet for free resources, join the national Waldorf Yahoo!Groups and ask questions.  If you want it badly enough, you will work to make it happen!

4.  Make a decision!  Sometimes you just have to stop researching and gathering information, and start doing.

5.  Know when to let go – we cannot be responsible for anyone but ourselves and our own household.  Know when to lighten up; know when to respect other people’s ideas even if it is not what you would have picked or done.  And know when to let go.  If someone feels the need to bring up “that thing” which they love to complain about but have done nothing about, respect that they may only want a listening ear (and it is okay to not have it be YOUR listening ear!)

Keep moving forward toward your dreams!  You can do it!


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