Be The Beacon!

An announcement from Melisa Nielsen:

This is essentially a new program regarding inner work for mothers that will look through many spiritual traditions and look at the philosophical works of Steiner and others to help you, the mother, learn how to be a light for your family.

Here are the details from Melisa from the link above, please go and check it out:

“Monthly Membership includes:

  • Special access to newly recorded shows available only to those participating in the program.  These shows are meant to get you started on this journey and to get you thinking about what inner work means to you. These recordings include:
    • Welcome to “Be a Beacon”
    • Catalysts for Change
    • Personal Gurus
    • The Importance of Inner Work
    • How to Meditate
  • Bi weekly lessons and discussions delivered via private yahoo group
  • 2 monthly private live radio shows/interactive chats
  • Archives available for duration of membership
  • Planning and goal setting tools geared directly to Waldorf homeschooling
  • In depth inner work study covering many faith groups, including in depth Steiner and other modern inner work experts.

Some of the monthly themes include: getting started right, relationships, balancing, knowing when to cut back and how, Steiner’s basic 6 in depth,  festivals and inner work meanings, exploring biography, mediation through Waldorf art and so much more.

When you join, you will also receive recommended reading and tools to get you started along with an invitation to join the private group.” – end of quote

THIS STARTS THIS THURSDAY, November 12th, 2009 so please do go and register if you are interested!

And please let Melisa know I sent you!



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