Links for Dangers of Media for Children

This is a great article that describes the phenomenon of “age compression” as viewed by a Kindergarten teacher and some things she did to combat this:

Here is an article from TIME:,8599,1914450-2,00.html

The sad statistics regarding how much media children are watching:

The best antidote you can provide to your children besides the obvious step of limiting media exposure from screens includes providing opportunity for time in nature and plenty of time and open ended toys for imaginative play.



1 thought on “Links for Dangers of Media for Children

  1. Thank you for these links Carrie.

    Not really related to media, and actually more about “technology” – I’d like to add here a bit of the effects of exposure to the camera and the habit of taking too many photographs of children.

    I can’t help but feel their innocence is lost, and it prematurely draws them to awareness of their looks, clothes, expressions, and the idea of “posing” for pictures.

    I have winced when I see little ones stop their activity to put on a fake smile,or to strike a pose for pictures. Or when they rush over to see them selves on the digital camera – sometimes insisting that they “don’t look nice” in this one – and another picture should be taken!

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