Guiding A Child: Day Number 16 Of 20 Days Toward Being A More Mindful Parent

My cute little one is sound asleep, so I have a few minutes to meditate with you all on the focus of the day today:  how to guide a child.

In Waldorf parenting and education, we see a small child under the age of 7 as being in their BODIES.  We do not “ask” them to do tasks and expect them to follow through.  We enter daily work through rhythm, through music and verses and singing, through doing things together and through fantasy and the imagination.  If we have to use words, we may use “You may’ as a stock phrase along with physically helping the child at the same time.  There is ALWAYS an active component; for those of you planning to go on and homeschool in the grades with Waldorf education  there is also always an active part of a main lesson.  As homeschool teachers, we are always asking ourselves, “Where is the active part of this lesson?”  You are laying the foundation for this time in these Early Years.

So, you have an assignment for tomorrow. Grab a small notebook and pen and WRITE DOWN, without judging yourself!, what you ask your small child to do.  Commands, requests….And how many times do you ask your child the same thing before it happens? How many times a day are you requesting things verbally?

At the end of the day, sit down with your list and see if you can brainstorm ways to approach these situations through the body, the fantasy, the physical.  See if you can promote change within yourself.

Day Number 17 will focus on ways to work with getting a child within their body, so look forward to that as a follow-up to this assignment!

Off to nurse now,  peacefully yours,



3 thoughts on “Guiding A Child: Day Number 16 Of 20 Days Toward Being A More Mindful Parent

  1. Hmmm, I think the hardest part will be not judging myself. 😉

    I’m looking forward to discussing this with my husband tonight after the girls are in bed. He doesn’t have the advantage of spending the whole day with them, so he relies on me to be the guide on our parenting.


  2. Hi Carrie,

    You are saying in your post to avoid talking to a child but trying to be more physical. I would lreally love to…as I am really tired of repeating the same all over, and I get frustrated because of it. How to be more physical?

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