The Parenting Passageway is about Parenting, afterall

Hello and Welcome to all of Carrie’s Readers!

I wanted to share with you a special time in our lives: The introduction of the newest member of our family, Robert Kaj Dendtler (Kaj).  Kaj was born this morning (October 9th) at 8:25A and was 7lbs 11oz!  (Sorry to all of Carrie’s readers outside of the United States, I can’t do the conversion to grams in my head :))

Kaj's Birthday 086I want you all to know how much this Blog means to Carrie.  She enjoys sharing her philosophy on parenting and Waldorf homeschooling.   This little blog has become a true passion for her, and a year after its launch the blog is receiving in excess of 18,000 hits a month!

Thank you all for making that possible and I hope that you not only continue to read, but share this blog with others.   That’s one of the pillars that makes this blog so much fun, the sharing of life stories and all the tips and tricks you provide!



Peace to all, we’ll be back soon!

30 thoughts on “The Parenting Passageway is about Parenting, afterall

  1. What a beautiful boy! Rest, rest, rest and snuggle all that soft baby skin and take it all in again. Multiple blessings to you (from a momma who just LOVES reading your blog)!

  2. Congratulations, Carrie! Take good care and enjoy this little bundle of joy! Missing your posts already! Did I ever tell you that I read your blog just before going to do my inner work (I save it for last, just like dessert!). Love,

  3. Wonderful news. I look forward to hearing new insights about parenting when you are ready. I’m sure you will enjoy having this new little one in your life. Enjoy!


    The birth verse is calculated using the 1 April method suggested by Rudolf Steiner in order to obtain a constantly iterating approximability throughout the years.

    Oct 9
    Newly revived within myself
    I can now experience the vastness of my own being.
    Newly filled with forces
    From the sun’s power in my soul,
    I can now release rays of thinking —
    Solving riddles of existence.
    I can now fulfil many a wish
    Whose wings before
    Had been crippled by hope. Steiner birth verse
    Mellett translation

    Carrie & family- Enjoy your newest blessing.

  5. Congratulations MOMMY!!!!
    Welcome to the world to little Kaj…

    Enjoy these special first weeks and speedy healing.

    my warmest blessings

  6. Dear Carry!

    Congratulations and wish all of you loads of happiness,love and health!

    Bless you, Sara from Hungary

    Just keep on posting!

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