“Flow of the Day”

Hi there all,

I had a mom request a posting of a “flow in the day” kind of scheme as she is working on rhythm.  Of course this totally depends on the ages of your children, but here are some back posts to help you all out:


https://theparentingpassageway.com/2009/05/05/homeschooling-multiple-children-with-waldorf/  (this post was very well-liked!)

and this one:


We are still pretty much in the rhythm described in the first post at this point (uh, 38 weeks pregnant now, so I am sure it will change! LOL).  From that post here is our general  rhythm:

  • Up, air out beds while taking shower, cleaning up bathroom and getting dressed
  • Make all beds with children’s help
  • Breakfast with blessing, religious devotional;  clean-up after breakfast including wiping table and sweeping under table
  • Help children with dressing, hair brushing and teeth brushing
  • Throw in laundry
  • Go for walk with children and dog or gardening tasks   (SEE BELOW FOR CHANGES)
  • Snack
  • Call to school with Song of Month on pennywhistle and any festival songs we are learning, light candle, say morning verses  (we may school outside or inside)
  • Circle time or seasonal finger plays for Kindergartner
  • Story for Kindergartner/Activity after story – every week we include modeling of some type and kind.  We also use drama, puppets, drawing, and other things to bring the story alive over a period of two weeks to a month for each Kindy story.
  • Oral Active Math practice for older child if not in a Math Block or pennywhistle and more singing practice to “warm-up”
  • Main Lesson for Grades Child – three day rhythm here…… Remember, an hour is a long time here for a First Grader!   It is important also to realize Main Lesson involves a lot of movement, arts, etc.  Definitely not all seat work!  Not at all!
  • Foreign language two days a week (German on Mondays with arts and crafts for the younger child,  Wednesdays Spanish with free play inside for the youngest child) (And yes, amazingly, this time period may involve more eating and snacking :) )  We also try to work in some other activities, see below.   
  • Closing verses and outside play while I do some more cleaning, lunch preparation
  • Blessing, lunch; clean-up
  • Quiet time
  • Handwork alternated with arts and crafts or wet on wet painting is ideal  (OR OTHER THINGS DEPENDING ON BLOCK)

The afternoons we are home we  spend outside playing or just creating.  We usually bake on Tuesdays and Saturdays and garden on Thursdays for my little Kindergartner.    One thing that has changed from the above post is that we are not walking in the AM because I found it really just took over much of the morning by the time I rounded everyone up again, then everyone had to eat, etc….Just too long for us to get going.  So we are trying to jump into school earlier and get done by 10:30 or so for outside play with lunch at 11:15 or so.

One thing I am contemplating is our Head, Heart, Hands kind of rhythm.  I have  a rhythm with this outside of our Main Lesson Time – for example, for my second grader, we did  2 weeks of Form Drawing from Trickster Tales and 2 weeks of Math for Main Lesson Time followed by Wet on Wet Painting for one week daily and drama for 3 weeks; and for Hands we did introduction to Kinderlyre for two weeks and Arts and Crafts for two weeks.  This is mainly for the Second Grader, who needed some blocks of time to actually finish a project!  She is doing Handwork on Wednesdays with a trained Waldorf Handwork Teacher and knitting in the afternoons during her free time, which seems to be fine.  Her German and Spanish is included in her Main Lesson time currently.

But one thing I am contemplating after looking at many of the “schedules” from Waldorf schools is how to refine this more for my Second Grader and how not to lose the wee one.  So, some things are staying the same but I am going to try to round the troops up after lunch and quiet time for Eurythmy on Mondays (more drama than the gestures, I guess :)) ; wet on wet painting on Tuesdays, and Gardening on Thursdays, mainly for the benefit of my little one.  Just an extra half an hour to focus on the Kindy stuff, from about 1:30 to 2 or so.

We are going out on Wednesdays to Handwork Class, and Thursday afternoons we usually go to the park around 3 pm.  Every now and then we go out on a Friday for a health-related appointment.  Otherwise, we try to be home and have folks come to us in the afternoons or just be in our neighborhood.   I like to do adult handwork with some of our home time as well….. If I grocery shop it is on Wednesdays during Handwork Class or I do it by myself at night or on a weekend or my husband does it.  I try very hard to stay home!

Our weekends are plenty busy due to German School for my Second Grader on Saturday mornings and church on Sundays, so we stay home in the afternoons on the weekends.  My Kindergartener does not go to German School yet, so my husband usually does the driving to and from German School. for the Second Grader. 

Uh, probably clear as mud if you read this far??

It is a constant boundary battle to stay home more days than we are out and that is of importance.  To me, to really be an effective homeschooler, one has to be HOME.  It is impossible  to present a Main Lesson in the car!

Hope that helps stimulate some thoughts for those of you out there interested in this topic; I am a homeschooling mother just like you and I am constantly refining my own rhythm and what works best for my family.

Open to all comments below,


6 thoughts on ““Flow of the Day”

  1. Thanks Carrie! Just what I was looking for. I realized after reading this that I did see that original Flow of the Day post just a few days ago– but this one is even more helpful for me- I have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener (and a 4-year-old) this year, and for some reason I’m really struggling to craft a rhythm that works for everyone. Your taking me through your flow and rhythm is very, very helpful. I’m always very encouraged and inspired by what I read here.
    Thanks so much for your help!!

  2. Hi Carrie, I’m still getting through the posts you linked to, so I don’t have a relevant comment (yet) but I wanted to let you know that your “possibly related posts” widget is linking to posts NOT from your blog. Some are a little…weird. Just thought you would want to know!

    I don’t know if I’ve ever commented yet, but I *love* your blog and find so much wisdom and compassion in it. It is so helpful as we start our Waldorf journey.

    • Yes, WordPress does that and it is annoying to say the least..Eventually this site will be moved….:) and we won’t have that..:)
      Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Ah, didn’t realize it was a WordPress thing – I know other blog platforms have a similar widget that just goes with their own blog so I thought it was like that. Hope you find a great place to move to!

  4. Thank you for this! This is something I really struggle with having a 3rd grader, 2nd grader, preschool/Kindergartener and a 1 year old! It’s so hard to get them all attention that they need and make sure nothing important was left out or no one feels left out themselves. My 4/5 year old likes to do the kids “school work” with them like form drawing, so that makes it a little easier.

    That’s wonderful that your children have the opportunity to visit a German school and get handwork classes. Do you mind if I ask what you use at home for German/Spanish? We do French with N’Allenart, but I have been looking for something a bit more integrative and “Waldorfy”.

  5. What time do you get up each morning? And what time do your children get up? I am just curious… I know I look forward to the day that I can get up in the morning without disturbing the one year old who is asleep beside me by the early morning!

    I also find that taking a daily morning walk has ended up taking a big chunk out of our mornings… it is 10 or later by the time we come back in, and then I feel rushed to do chores, do a circle time, and do any other focused activities (like crafts) together.

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