More Fall Resources for the Waldorf Kindergarten Crowd

Folks have been emailing me in reference to my post here and asking where to find verses, songs and stories. has some lovely fall stories for free!  Look under Waldorf Kindergarten, and leave the legends and longer fairy tales out unless you have a six year old, and there is still quite a bit to bit from!

Reg Down has a few of his stories from his Tiptoes Lightly Series on his website, look here:

Another favorite resource for me personally is Bronja Zahlingen’s “LIfetime of Joy” and also Suzanne Down’s “Autumn Nature Tales”

For songs, try Elisabeth Lebret’s small red book “Pentatonic Songs” for some traditional Waldorf favorites or if you are looking for some new Waldorf favorites try Jodie Mesler’s new CD available here:

For verses, try the Autumn Wynstones book and also Wilma Ellersik’s “Gesture Games for Autumn and Winter.”

For circle time if you do a circle in your house, try “Let Us Form A  Ring” for verses, songs and some fairy tales in the book and music to go with many fairy tales, or “Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures.”

Hope that helps you gather things.  There are many things out there, but they are copyrighted and therefore not available on the Internet.

If you are short on funds, consider the used Waldorf curriculum group available on Yahoo!Groups.  You may have to be fast to catch some things, but you can get some great deals!



3 thoughts on “More Fall Resources for the Waldorf Kindergarten Crowd

  1. Suzannes Down’s Witchamaroo!!!

    I m desperately looking for a copy of this story! could you please share if you have it??


    • Courtney,
      That is copyrighted; it is in her Autumn Tales book which you can order from Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore. It is a book you will use over and over again for the under-7 crowd so I think it is a worthy expenditure.
      Hope that helps,

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