Start Now!

I think this may be part of the July doldrums following we mothers around, (or perhaps panic in the midst of planning for homeschooling to start in a month of so for many of us in the United States?), but I have heard so many mothers lamenting lately:

  • “I found Waldorf so late.”
  • “My young child was so intellectually awakened and now I look back it and I don’t think it was the right decision.  She really burned out at age 8 and seems so unhappy.”
  • “The way our family handled discipline was not good, and now we are paying for it.”
  • “I didn’t know enough about connecting to my child when they were younger and I did everything wrong.”
  • “I am still doing everything wrong even though I know more now than I did!  I just can’t seem to put it all into place!”

Mothers, I am here to encourage you.  This wonderful child came to you, to your family, for a reason.  You are the right mother for this child.  No other mother could do a better job than you can with this particular child that was called to be yours. 

You did the best you could with the information you had at the time, and you did the best you could do with your child being the person you were at the time.  The wonderful thing is that we are all continually growing and learning. You are a different parent with each child you have and that is truth!  But it is okay to be that different parent and not lament the past!

The question is, what would help you today?  What would help your child  MOST today?

Evaluate – what is working for me with this child?  What I am doing that is NOT working with this child?  Where does this child need help in being balanced out the most?  What is absolutely most challenging for this child?  What is my role in helping this child?  Where am I right now?

Pray, meditate and listen.  Where you need to go from here?  Where is the Divine, the Spirit, God, leading you in this question?    Some mothers write things down and journal, some mothers just listen and absorb.

How will I put this into action?  What does it require of me?  Wayne Dyer, in his book, “What Do You Really Want For Your Children?”  notes, “Imagine going to your dentist and having him give you a lecture on the importance of oral hygiene, while all the time smiling at you through rotting teeth.  Or, visualize yourself talking to your doctor and having him tell you about the evils of nicotine addiction  while blowing cigarette smoke in your face.”

In other words, if there is something that your small child needs to work on, work on it as well.  Set the example, live by the example.

Be the change you want to see in your children.



4 thoughts on “Start Now!

  1. Thank you.

    We indeed did find Waldorf a little later in the game, and we often feel we’ll never measure up. Your words bring peace and encouragement.

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