Waldorf-Inspired Music Curriculum

Here is a new Waldorf-inspired Music Curriculum!    Jodie Mesler writes:

“Hello Everyone!  My work of volume 1 is finally complete!  I am so excited to share this with you!

It is called Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Volume 1 Book and 2 DVD tutorials. (Prices $20-$50, I am offering ebooks or booklet form, 2 DVD’s, and the option to buy penny whistles at the discounted price of $10 with the purchase of the music curriculum)

It is an easy and creative approach to teaching through a child’s world of play using the penny whistle, singing and movement.  (It is Waldorf-inspired)

There are 27 lessons on the DVD’s- The 7 teacher lessons have instruction on how to play the penny whistle, how to sing, and how to teach your child simply through imitation and play. 

The 20 lessons are set up for the 6-year-old revolving around the whole year and starting in September. Included in each lesson are imitative play, call and response, verses for hand claps, Mother Goose songs (written in the pentatonic scale), movement and games. 

“Children’s songs must make pretty and rhythmical impressions on the senses.  The beauty of sound is of greater value than the meaning,” states Rudolf Steiner in his “The Education of the Child” lecture. During the first years of music, the primary focus will be on pleasing sounds, rhythm and listening skills taught through imitation. 

Let go of any worries about reading music, for you will learn and teach your child music when he is older, in my approach it is best to wait until your child is 10, as they would do in a Waldorf school. 

I am currently a private music teacher in my home studio offering flute, piano, bass guitar, guitar, penny whistle, and general music lessons.  I have been teaching for 12 years.  I was introduced to Waldorf education in 2004, and I began home educating my three children with Waldorf-inspired methods.  I have self-produced and published “Waldorf-Inspired CD and Songbook” and finally, I am bringing a music curriculum to homeschooling teachers.

How to order: go to homemusicmaking.blogspot.com.

Peace, Love, and Joy,
Jodie Mesler
“Bringing living music back to the home.”


Hope that helps some of you planning for fall,



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