The Waldorf Baby: The First Year

Here is a link to a great article by Donna Simmons of Christopherus Homeschool regarding the Waldorf baby and the first year:

There is also a link on there to an article I wrote regarding the impact anthroposophy has had on my work as a neonatal physical therapist:

And, of course, as a lay breastfeeding counselor and as an AP parent, I agree with the position Christopherus has taken regarding breastfeeding and co-sleeping!

Lots of food for thought in this article!

Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “The Waldorf Baby: The First Year

  1. Hi!

    Im very interested in reading these articles, but the links are unavailable.

    I was wondering if the website where they are posted changed?

    Thank you

    • Mari – The Christopherus website is still there and those articles are still there; if there are technical difficulties you may need to just go the main Christopherus website and click on “The Waldorf Baby.”
      Hope that helps,

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