A Vacation Away From the Computer!

Don’t get me wrong, I like computers.  I love writing and researching and my computer is a wonderful tool and means to do this. 

However, I have been thinking a lot about the generally addictive nature of the computer in relation to Waldorf.  Part of the issue with Waldorf Education is to put in rhythm and times of in-breath and out-breath for our small children so they can develop balance and health.  Mothers sometimes talk to me about their little people who would be happy to do nothing but look at books all day or color all day or what have you.  This goes back to YOU, the mother, being the one to set the tone in your home by having times for those types of activities and times we don’t do those activities.  It takes effort to provide a rhythm, but what a wonderful payback for the effort invested!

So, now let’s jump ahead to us, the adults in the family.  There was an article in my newspaper this weekend about folks being addicted to Facebook, and it made me think about my own computer habits.  Stop for a moment and think about your own computer habits.

How many times a day do you check email?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and want to go check email or Facebook?

Can you turn your computer off at 8 PM and be done for the night or does the computer keep beckoning to you to come and look at something else on it?

Interesting questions, aren’t they?  One thing many people are doing is taking time away from the computer – whether that is one day a week without turning the computer on or if that means closing down the computer at a certain time every night – that is up to them. 

If we want our children to achieve balance in their adulthood, the best thing we can do is to model this for them in our own lives.  In addition, if we follow the thought of having times of  in-breath and out-breath in our own homes in order to bring rhythmical qualities to our children so they can then take over these forms themselves, we are doing them a huge favor toward health.

Food for thought today,


6 thoughts on “A Vacation Away From the Computer!

  1. This is a struggle. I like to check my e-mail in the morning, but then I find it difficult to get off and move on. So I tried in the evenings but then I’m still on at 11:00 p.m. which is way past what I intended when I got on at 9:00 p.m.

    So now I check after lunch clean up. It’s the kids quiet time so they are upstairs reading. This gives my an hour, but it turns out that I feel rushed and rather be doing something else…reading etc.

    I’m thinking the best option for me would be to just take the laptop on Sunday to a cafe and sit and do everything I want for as long as it takes and then be done for the rest of the week. LOL, just writing it sounds funny and implausible. We’ll see.

  2. I used to find myself getting stuck on the computer at various times of the day. Now I make myself not use it until night when the kids are in bed. This way I am always present with them. Then I have time to read email, blogs and maybe do one other research thing. I really try limit it or else it can take over like you said! Am enjoying reading your site by the way. I just discovered it.

  3. Thanks for this post Carrie. I especially am thankful for the bit about rhythm. I am just now beginning to think about that and although I know we have a family rhythm I am interested in exploring how to best use this concept. I suppose life rhythms need to change once in a while or they become monotonous and boring. So I am excited to explore this whole concept and learn how to change our rhythms to make beautiful music in our home… like how long to stay on a particular rhythm, when to change them and allowing myself to give up the old ones in order to develop new ones, especially as the children get older… I love this concept (:

  4. Computers are definately an addiction for so many mums I know … I had to ban myself from going near it while my children are awake when my 2 year old said she was ‘just checking emails …’ not the kind of role model I want to be! Being on the computer keeps me ‘too much in my head’ when I need to be much more in my body. Great post.

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