Another Three-Day Challenge: Rediscovering the Joy in Parenting

I have written a three day challenge in the past that was very, very popular.  You can view that one here:

This week, I am choosing a different focus for a three-day challenge.  I have seen so many mothers who say they like to be home with their kids, they are glad to be there, yet they seem stressed and joy-less.  Everything is extremely serious in their household, everything is taken very seriously.

So, for the three days of your choosing this week, let’s try to combat this.  Here are some thoughts to get you going:

How many times a day do I respond to my child with HUMOR?

How many times a day do I SMILE at my child and either give my child a hug, a pat on the back or HOLD my small child?

How many times a day do I let something that is not the essential part of our family life slide?  (In other words, do I know what the essential is in our family?  See the post on writing a family mission statement for help here: ).  This is just about choosing battles.  You cannot save your big reactions for the big things if every single thing is  a big thing!

How many times a day do I sit down and have some FUN with my kids?  Do we ever play a game, read together, sing together or make music together, roller skate together, look at stars or something in nature together?

Look for these things this week; you will be a better mother because of it!

Change your thoughts and attitude and change the tone in your household.




4 thoughts on “Another Three-Day Challenge: Rediscovering the Joy in Parenting

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog…found it through MDC. I’m working so hard on patience and GD with my just-turned 3 year old. I printed your 3 year old entry…it’s up on our refrigerator. Apparently, I need a lot of reminding.

    Also, I appreciate your emphasis on being gentle with myself and allowing mistakes in my parenting. I tell myself, I’m just doing my very best at this moment and will do better next time.

    Thank you!

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