“I Got My Son Back!”

The decision to pull a teenager out of high school and to homeschool instead can be a difficult one.  I have a friend who did just that, and it has worked out splendidly.  Her son was depressed, sullen, angry and failing when he attended school.  Now he is now a boy who not only gets all his work done but works ahead.  He reports to his friends how much he likes being homeschooled, and how ”it’s like college, because it is all on me to get it done.”  His friends now would like to be homeschooled!

His mother reports he is now pretty cheerful, happy and is once again loving toward his family.  She wonders if he had been bullied at school, but he won’t talk about that yet.  She wonders if he fell in with the wrong crowd, or just trying to be part of the culture where being a “smart boy” was not cool.  It was much more cool to not care and to fail.  All she knows is she is happy that she did not listen to her fears about homeschooling and went ahead.  She says it is the best thing she ever has done and wishes they had done it long ago.

What is holding you back today?  What fears are you holding onto?  What do you need to let go of in order to be the best parent and homeschooling teacher you can be?

Food for thought,



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