Creating A Day of Rest In Your Week

Many spiritual and religious traditions include having a day of rest.  Even for those of you  without a specific spiritual or religious path, wouldn’t a day of rest a week sound wonderful?  Perhaps you would like to have a day of rest once a week to go have a picnic by a lake with your family, or a day up in the mountains. 

Of course, the question is how to make this happen!

This is something I am working toward and can only share my progress and plans.  To me, there needed to be several things in place before I could have a day of rest.  These things included 1-all the housework and laundry done beforehand, the refrigerator full, errands done 2- a plan for meals and advance meal  preparation for our day of rest to also include a special dinner the night before our day of rest  3- a plan for that day for my family, including  perhaps a special box of things that only come out on that day for the children to play with in the morning  and also notions on  how we would spend our day.

My plans so far include doing things each day of the week to get ready for the day of rest, and using the two days before the day of rest as more serious preparation days.  This past weekend we experimented with easy meals/meals made in advance and found that satisfactory.  Having a plan to get housework, laundry, errands, grocery shopping all done and in place has also been a huge help.

Just something to think about and see if this appeals to you,


6 thoughts on “Creating A Day of Rest In Your Week

  1. We observe Shabbat and it is wonderful having that day of rest! It’s like a vacation every week. It does take getting used to the planning and preparation, but the payoff is priceless.

    • Lovey, Have you written any blog posts on your preparation for your Shabbat? I think the more real-life examples the better so moms can really think how this may be do-able for them….Let me know if you have and I will link to it…

  2. Oh wow, lightbulb moment 🙂 This is why I have always been dismayed by last minute “how about we go to the beach comments” from my husband!!!
    Thanks for articulating for me what I only dimly was aware of…
    This is also why holidays are not so holiday-like for the ones that manage the homemaking…
    Did you ever hear back from Lovey about her Shabbat preparations?
    Oh I suppose I’ll do a search on that.
    Anyhow Flylady has talked about this but you have made it come alive for me – thanks

  3. I’ve started a new blog, and will be detailing our rhythm, including what we do for Shabbat and all the festivals. There’s not much up now, but I’ll post regularly after the holidays.

    Chat with you ladies soon! Happy holidays! 🙂

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