Ron Jarman’s Math Goals for Waldorf Grade One

This is from Ron Jarman’s book, “Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools for Classes I-VIII”: (some of these goals have been shortened, you need to get his book to see more of the details!).  I took them directly from the book, so please note the very English spelling of some of the words! 🙂

a. Experience of straight and curved lines- in bodily posture, by walking along them and through drawing them in colour on the blackboard and on large sheets of paper.

b.  Introduction to whole numbers, proceeding from whole to its parts (e.g. breaking up a dead stick). Finding where they reveal themselves in the world.

c.  Counting – first up to 10, then up to 20, later up to 100.  (He mentions counting rhymes, jumping, skipping, singing, movement, movement, movement)

d.  Estimating the size of collections, especially of shells, stones and nuts.  Arranging them in groups and patterns.

e.  Experience of forms containing straight and curved lines…finally concentrating on the writing of the Roman numerals and later the Arabic numerals.

f.  Experience of the 4 rules and developing imagination for the invisible third number in each sum (using concrete objects)

g.  A lot of mental arithmetic – both orally and through writing down just the answers.  Games with mental arithmetic.

h.  Written arithmetic with the 4 rules, (physical demonstration first, going into imaginative type, then into purely computational kinds of sums)

i.  drawing repeated patterns

j.  symmetrical form drawing

k. free modelling of shapes including flat and curved surfaces

l.  comparison of lengths and widths, but not by using rulers or pairs of scales – instead using their own limbs and body weights together and as a group

m. rhythmic learning by heart of the 2 times, 3 times, and 10 times tables; also of number bonds up to a total of 20.

There you have it!  This really is a book that belongs on your bookshelf; it is easily available through Bob and Nancy’s at, the Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, and many of the used Waldorf curriculum lists.  Maybe my Canadian and British readers can let me know a supplier they use. 




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