Inspirations from Tapestries: The Seven-Year Rhythms from Birth Until Age 63 and Onward, Part 3

The ages of 42- 63 are about building spiritual maturity.

Ages 42-49

  • Much of what happens in this time period depends upon if you hit the crisis described in Part 2 of this series in the cycles of ages 35-42.  If you already experienced crisis, this period after crisis could be a time of productivity, innovation, imagination, new strength. A time where careers are reshaped and where you really know what you want to do in life.
  • It can also be a time of greater patience, new friendships, new-found confidence.

Ages 49-56

  • Increased flexibility and humor than in the past.
  • A time to remember the past as we gain perspective.
  • Wisdom prevails.

Ages 56-63

  • Another new burst of energy, with many earlier conflicts now resolved.
  • Enjoyment of respect and confidence.
  • Living from within our own maturity, out of the depth of our own experience.
  • In this phase, we go inward for insight.

Ages 63 and Beyond

  • Betty Staley writes that this is “a continuation of previous phases.  The processes of development which began at 35 continue and mature.”

We will be taking a closer look at each one of the seven-year cycles from age 21-63 in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to delving further into the notion of human biography with you all,


2 thoughts on “Inspirations from Tapestries: The Seven-Year Rhythms from Birth Until Age 63 and Onward, Part 3

  1. This is a great review Carrie! I am looking forward to reading this book. I’ve gone through some interesting changes over the past few years, and I would like to learn more about it.

    I look forward to the rest of the reviews.


  2. I was thinking of this series of yours as I read a Steiner lecture today about Easter. He mentioned that in the modern world we are only really aware (and at that, dimly) of the seven-year cycles and our inner growth through the first three, or into our early twenties. In previous epochs it was longer, and he links that to the length of Christ’s life in regards to Easter. Anyway it occurred to me that I have always had the first three or four phases pretty clear in my mind, but after that they all seem to blend together for me.

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