What Do You Deserve?

This came across a list I am on this morning and it is such a valuable perspective to offer that I wanted to share it with everyone.  This work has been credited to Louise L. Hayes.

Deservability Treatment

I am deserving.  I deserve all good.  Not some, not a little, but all good.

I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts.

I release and let go of the limitations of my family, friends, and co-workers.

I love them, and I go beyond them. I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs.

I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in.

I no longer identify with limitation of any kind.

In my mind, I have total Freedom.  I now move into a new space of consciousness,

where I am willing to see myself differently.

I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and about my life.

My new thinking becomes new experiences.

I now know and affirm that I am at one with the prospering power of the universe. 

As such, I now prosper in a number of was.  The totality of possibilities lies before me.

I deserve a good life. I deserve love, an abundance of love.

I deserve good health.  I deserve to live comfortably and prosper.

I deserve joy and happiness. I deserve freedom to be all that I can be.

I deserve more than that. I deserve all good.

I accept this abundant life with joy, pleasures and gratitude.  For I am deserving.

I accept it; I know it to be true.


Hope this provides you some encouragement in this season of the year and in this season of your life.

Just a few thoughts from my little corner of the world.


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