Give Us Our Daily Juice

Okay, I have to admit I LOVE my juicer.  I have a simple Jack LaLanne juicer, like the one here:  I get up and make fresh juice every morning, and I rely on juicing to feel great! 

Our favorite juices include making just fresh orange juice, but we also like orange-grapefruit juice, pineapple-grapefruit juice. and pineapple-orange juice.  Just writing this makes me want a big glass of juice right now!

Dr. William Sears in his book The Family Nutrition Book, has this to say about the benefits of fresh-squeezed juice over processed juice: fresh juice preserves the live enzymes in the juice, safer water content in fresh-squeezed juice (since we don’t know where the water in commercial juices comes from), and the ease of drinking a 8 ounce glass of fresh juice as opposed to eating all the vegetables or fruit it took to make that juice.

Commercial juices are made in this way, according to Dr. Sears: “The fruit is juiced at a processing plant, and the water is removed to make a concentrate, which is shipped to another manufacturer, who may put water back into the juice (water that may be more or less safe than the water Mother Nature originally put in the fruit).  The juice is pressure-pasteurized to kill any bacteria in it, and then it travels to the store, where it sits on the shelf in one of several kinds of container with varying degrees of air-tightness.  Throughout all these steps, vital nutrients, such as vitamins and enzymes, deteriorate. Also, much of the nutritious part of the fruit is right under the skin, the skin itself, or in the pulp.  These parts of the fruit, as well as much of the fiber, are lost in commercial juicing.” (page 156).

Some favorite juices to think about include orange, which is higher in many nutrients than apple juice; and the vegetable juices, which often are lower in calories but higher in nutrients than fruit juices.   Juices have more protein and trace minerals than you  are probably aware, so give juicing a try for your morning drink and see how great you and your family feels!  We drink a lot of water throughout the day, but look forward to our morning juice every day.

Just a few thoughts from my little corner of the world.

2 thoughts on “Give Us Our Daily Juice

  1. We love fresh juice too! Our favorites are pear-pineapple and carrot-apple.

    I’m glad you brought this up because I think many parents are under the impression that giving their kids juice (from bottle or box) is a good thing – especially if it’s organic. Organic or not, like your description says – vital nutrients are lost in the processing and questionable ingredients can be in it that you don’t realize.

    Fresh is always best! 🙂

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