They Come With Their Own Ideas

This was a fairly hilarious exchange between my first grader and I yesterday (see if you don’t get a chuckle out of it at least!)

Daughter:  “When I grow up, I want to draw, paint, write books and be an illustrator and paint big pictures on walls – what’s that called, Mommy?”

Me: “Painting murals.”

Daughter: “Yes, that’s it.  I had an idea for this picture I could paint over our fireplace and it would perfectly coordinate and everything.”

Me:  “That would be nice.”

Daughter: “Yes, and when I grow up I am not going to college.  I am going to Italy!”

Me (searching my mind wildly, I swear I have not heard this one before): “Italy?  Why Italy?”

Daughter:  “Italy is where Leonardo DaVinci painted.  I read about that.  I am going to go there and paint.  What language do they speak in Italy, momma?”

Me:  “Italian, boo-boo.”

Daughter: “Okay, I need a tutor so I can start learning Italian!”

Okay, kiddo, guess that will be your next language to learn….The ideas they have, and the plans!  Gotta love it!

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