Pregnancy is Preparation of the Soul – Part 1 of 3

Joan Salter, founder and director of The Gabriel Baby Centre in Melbourne, Australia writes in her book  Incarnating Child,

“The mother-to-be often feels obliged to continue at work right up to the last month. There are financial obligations to be met- the mortgage on the house, payment on the car, and the cost of equipment for the baby. These are pressing demands which necessitate two incomes for as long as possible. The morning rush, evening tiredness, and the demands of the work situation all take their toll of subtle inner stirrings.”

“It was not so for the previous generations. Then, the mother-to-be remained at home. There was knitting to be done, baby’s clothes to stitch, blankets to embroider. Friends called to admire the layette, to enthuse over Grandma’s hand-knitted shawl, to bring a gift, to share the growing anticipation.

This was much more than a time for collecting baby’s clothes; it was also a significant soul preparation.”

What a lovely way to think about pregnancy: soul preparation. While we cannot return to the years gone by, here are some suggestions for the preparation part of pregnancy.

  1. Think about ways to connect to your unborn baby that feel comfortable to you. We have all heard stories of women who did not know they were pregnant until they went into labor – the ultimate body-mind disconnect! Let your unborn child know how much you love him or her from the beginning. I suggest active ways to do this could include such things as talking to your unborn baby, singing to your unborn baby, massaging your pregnant belly, visualizing your baby, meditating on your unborn baby. Be assured this baby is a miracle. Christiane Northrup writes in her wonderful book Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters, and Health,

“Regardless of the circumstances of your conception, be assured that your existence is a miracle. The odds against any one of us being born are staggeringly high. Your mother’s body had tens of thousands of eggs to choose from. Only one of them ripened the month you were conceived. That egg accepted just one of the millions of sperm available to her from your father at that moment. Then, guided by biology, destiny, and your soul qualities, the embryo that was you had to make it through the multiple stages of development necessary to launch your unique life into being. For a variety of reasons- genetic, environmental, or a combination of both- most conceptions never reach maturation. Of the relatively few eggs that do get fertilized, 80 percent never make it to the embryonic stage. The statistical probability of a particular egg and a particular sperm coming together to create the unique human that you are is infinitesimally small. On a soul level, of course, statistics mean nothing. If a creation or individual is destined to be born, it will happen. I’ve seen this repeatedly. Babies get conceived under mysterious circumstances in which conception is considered biologically impossible or highly improbable.”

2. Think about how you and your partner communicate with each other. You may consider such groups as The Center for NonViolent Communication for further information. See to get started. Changing from being a couple to being responsible for a baby who is completely dependent upon both of you for everything is exciting and wonderful but can also have challenging moments. Communication between you and your partner is one key in making this transition as wonderful as possible. Think about how you will invest in each other as your roles change and grow. Make a commitment to grow together!

More ways to connect to unborn baby and the experience of mothering with heart and soul to follow!

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