More Books for Children Under 7

As for books……

Some Favorite Books to Read Aloud for the Under 7 Age Group: (no order)

As always, please preview, pre-read and see if you think it is right for your child and your family:

Any Elsa Beskow books

The Chicken Who Wanted to Fly, Dora Duck and the Juicy Pears, Am I Really Different – Evelien van Dort

Any Room for Me? And The Pancake That Ran Away – Loek Koopmans

The Apple Cake – Nienke Van Hitchum

Pico the Gnome – Martina Muller

The Mouse and the Potato and Stan Bolivan and the Dragon – Thomas Berger

The Story of the Root Children and The Princess in the Forest – Sibylle von Offers

Peter William Butterblow – CJ Moore (poems)

When the Sun Rose, Grandfather Twilight – Barbara Helen Berger

The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Peter’s Chair – Ezra Jack Keats

The Tomten, The Tomten and the Fox – Astrid Lindgren 

Make Way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal, Time of Wonder, One Morning in Maine – Robert McCloskey

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer – Gerda Muller (no words, just pictures)

Tales of Tiptoes Lightly (series)- Reg Down – great for six and seven year olds

Teddy Robinson  – a favorite, favorite, favorite for the five and a half to seven year olds.

Milly Molly Mandy Stories (series) – for six year olds and seven year olds.

Just a few thoughts from my little corner of the world.

5 thoughts on “More Books for Children Under 7

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  3. Thank you for introducing us to Teddy Robinson! My children absolutely adore him and of course think their teddies are Teddy Robinson 😉

  4. I have another suggestion to add to your list for under 7’s: “The Gold at the End of the Rainbow” by Wolfram Hanel, illustrated beautifully (as usual) by Loek Koopmans.

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