And The Winner Is…


As generated by a random number generator, the winner is Irene!

Irene wrote:  congrats! <3 I would love to get some kite paper and make window stars to brighten up our home as the days get shorter and shorter and to give away as gifts for the Holidays.

Thank you Irene, and thank you all for participating, and all your kind wishes for The Parenting Passageway.  The past three years have been fun ones!

Much love,


A Lovely Giveaway From Bella Luna Toys!

THE GIVEAWAY is now closed…will be announcing a winner in a few hours!  Thank you all for your enthusiasm, kind comments and well wishes!  Love, and many blessings to you all!  _ Carrie 12:24 EST Friday October 21, 2011


Welcome to Monday with a lovely giveaway from Bella Luna Toys in honor of The Parenting Passageway’s third anniversary!  Please head on over to and feast your eyes upon the magical toys, high quality art supplies and other goodies there.  Once you have in mind what you would like to spend a $25 gift certificate on,  please share that with me in this space in the comment section.   The drawing will be on Friday, so plenty of time to enter!

Thank you again to Bella Luna Toys and wonderful owner Sarah Baldwin. I look forward to hearing from you all.  A jump start on holiday shopping, anyone?

Many blessings,


PS.  Just a fast note to my many international readers:  this giveaway is open to you as well as Bella Luna Toys is willing to ship internationally, but the shipping costs are to be paid by the winner….

How Do You Like Me Now?

Again, a big thank you to Dr. Rick Tan of Syrendell ( for The Parenting Passageway’s lovely new logo.  You will notice things are much easier to find as listed under “Development” by age and “Homeschooling” by grade.  “Development” also includes Adult Development as the human being is continually changing and growing throughout this life, so you can find posts on inner work and personal development there.

“Discipline” is divided into authority (so all those back posts on holding the space, boundaries, etc are there), general support and tools.  “Family Life” includes many things, including sibling relationships, anger,  festival life, homemaking, dealing with sleep challenges, and more! 

The book study series are now in one place divided by book, along with those one-post reviews, and “Twenty Days Toward More Mindful Mothering” and “Back to Basics” series are now available under the “General Wisdom” tab.

Thank you for being my reader, I hope you like the new ways to find things!



It Is Anniversary Month At The Parenting Passageway!

This is the second year of The Parenting Passageway!  I wanted to thank everyone out there for reading, for passing this site on to your family and friends.  Last month this blog got over 40,000 hits.  I don’t know much about computers and don’t really know if that is high or not, but I do know that is much higher than the very first month of The Parenting Passageway where we generated about 700 hits for the whole month. :)

Anyhoo, in order to celebrate this month, I thought I would do some “Back To Basics” posts about parenting.  So, you may see some oldies but goodies and some new posts about realistic expectations, tools for the loving guidance toolbox, rhythm and probably a few on Waldorf homeschooling and a few Steiner-related surprises!

Thank you all for celebrating with me this month! I hope everyone is having a good month!

Many blessings,


Aww, Shucks.

This has been a week of people acknowledging the work that goes into “The Parenting Passageway” blog and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.

This blog, specifically this post on Children and Chores (, was mentioned in the September 2010 E-zine by Simplicity Parenting author and expert Kim John Payne.  You can sign up to receive the free monthly E-zines here:

I also was one of the blogs voted on and recognized over at The Waldorf Connection as Number Two of “The Best Waldorf Blogs” here:

It is my fervent hope whether you are a parent seeking simplicity, a parent of small children or older children, a homeschooling parent or a parent whose children go to school, that you will all find something helpful here in this space.

Thank you all again so very much.

Many blessings,