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Kara over at Rockin’ Granola is dreaming up some change:

I will miss Kara’s blogging whilst she is gone; I have always loved Rockin’  Granola

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Ideas to Celebrate Christmastide

This post today celebrates some of the traditional ways Christmastide has been celebrated with the Christian faith.  Therefore, many of these ideas may be familiar to many of my Christian readers, but I think there are many things to sort through and use to celebrate the Twelve Holy Nights even if you are not Christian and would just like to mark this special time. These can be peaceful and holy days, truly to slow down, to fast from media and screens and to enjoy the simple pleasures marked the traditions of the Church.

Here is a small guide toward helping families enjoy each day of Christmastide, and I do so hope you will leave your favorite traditions in the comment box as well!

Saturday, December 24th - Since the Feast of the Nativity truly begins on Christmas Eve, attending liturgy is a priority for this night! In the hustle and bustle that can often accompany this day before Christmas, making time for quiet prayer is a powerful example of showing our children that God is with us should we choose to acknowledge Him, find Him, adore Him. God is with us, and with His smallest creatures. In Scandinavian countries, it is traditional to put sheaves of wheat for the birds. Children will enjoy taking time on this day to decorate an outside tree for the birds by stringing popcorn or making the traditional pine cone bird feeder of peanut butter rolled in birdseed.


Sunday, December 25th– Christmas Day, the first of the twelve holy days, is a wonderful time to take an afternoon walk and see God’s creation, and also to read from The Gospel of Saint Luke. Old-fashioned board games are another suggestion for celebrating the Christmas afternoon in family togetherness.


Another suggestion that some Christian families have tried with success is to spread gift-giving throughout the twelve days of Christmas so that not every gift is opened on Christmas morning.


Monday, December 26th- The Feast of St. Stephen – Continue reading

A Message For the 2011 Twelve Holy Nights

This is such a special time of year for me.  As a Christian, the season of Christmas starts on Christmas Day and extends through January 5th, and then we move into the season of Epiphany.  This time of year, for me, is one of the major times of the year when I am off the computer, I spend more time thinking and dreaming and planning.  I spend time connecting with what vision I want to create for the coming year, and spend lots of time with family and friends and being outside in nature.  It is lovely.

In the past, I have chosen a focus of inner work personal to me, much like what Lynn Jericho does, to work really work off an inspiration for these twelve holy days. In the past I have worked with being easy with myself, one year I worked with “letting go”, one year I worked with love, one year I worked with “no comment”.   This year, I have been feeling especially inspired by this passage from Brother Victor-Antoine D’avila-LaTourrette in the book, “A Monastery Journey to Christmas”, which runs through Candlemas on February 2nd: “We can only find peace and calmness within the confines of our own selves.  Inner peace is a gift from the Lord.  Let us beseech him day and night for his gift.  And let us help him by cultivating actively all those things that lead to inner peace.  Like the angels on that first Christmas night, let us pray and work for peace on earth.”  How can I be a part of peace this year – peace in my heart, peace in my home, peace in my community, peace in the world?

There are some resources out there to help you celebrate the Holy Nights. Continue reading

Guest Post: A Gentle Santa Lucia Story by Tiziana Boccaletti

There was a gentle Santa Lucia story by Tiziana Boccaletti on the Our Little Nature Nest blog.  Since that blog has been taken private, I asked Tiziana if she would be willing to share this sweet Santa Lucia story here so families could find and share it with their own loved ones.  Tiziana generously agreed, and here is her story: Continue reading

Plans For The First Week of Advent

Some of you have asked for very simple plans regarding Advent.  I thought I would share the very simple things my family and I are doing each week.  Some things are geared toward the youngest members of the family, and some are not.   You can just pick and choose and take what resonates with you out of this as a good match for your family!

Throughout Advent, I will be using this book for my own meditation:   and for the children we will read the Gospel portion of the day’s lectionary out loud.  I am also working through the Book of Isaiah on my own.

I think the main thing to keep in mind is that Advent is a time to slow down, and just enjoy each other, to pray, to fast, to repent, to prepare – so if having a list like the following pressures you or makes you feel not happy inside, then don’t do it or  again, pick and choose for your own family what is best.

These are some of my ideas for this week; we may not do them all at all! Continue reading

An Attitude of Gratitude

It is Thanksgiving today in the United States.  Instead of ringing in Thanksgiving in my nice cozy bed, I find myself awake and contemplating gratitude.  How can I bring an attitude of gratitude to my family and my home today and every day?

I was thinking about words…sometimes in the heat of the moment, in a time of tension or even just in a time of minor irritation, words come out that no one really means.  Adults apologize, and yet those words can enter the soul and wound.  I have met many emotionally wounded people in this past month and so much of it caused by words…I was thinking today how I would like to step up the vigilance I place on the words I choose and use.  This thought of being present with a smile, a nod, a reassuring pat, of not offering advice unless asked, the thought of always having an encouraging word to say…and showing my gratitude through the words I do choose.

You are wonderful.  I love you.

You are terrific.

Thank you.

I couldn’t do this without you!

I love this moment with you.

I am thankful to have you in my life.

I was thinking about showing gratitude through warmth…the emotional warmth that comes from being loved. Continue reading